Clothes Worn by Women That Men Find Seductive

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Ask yourself – how should I dress to make myself look more seductive? How should I dress to make him keep his eye on me and acknowledge my beauty? Let’s be honest you have a little idea to absolutely no clue otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Well, guess what?

At SexyWare have sourced some of the most seductive women’s clothing pieces that are guaranteed to be make him make stop and acknowledge your seductive presence – Click here to check out a catalog of products. We have sourced outfits from sexy bras & panties to erotic outfits for petite to plus sized women.




Back to the topic – we have listed below some of the most seductive types of clothing. Check these out and see what you think (and yes! as the list goes on things become much more revealing for those wanting to be more adventurous).


1. Bodysuits and Bodystockings

You can find all these here


2. Camisoles and Tank Tops

You can find all these here


3. Intimate Bras & Underwear

You can find all these here
Now let’s test your innocence as we go even further…


4. Sexy Panties / Underwear

You can find all these here


4. Erotic Outfits

You can find all these here


Well there you go – now that you’ve seen our list, it is time for you to decide which of these are suitable for you. You can start of with something safe and subtle and show off your curves with a Bodysuit/Bodystocking or  Camisoles and Tank Tops.

If you want to show off your bust and booty more then consider wearing sexy intimate bras and underwear – there is nothing like making a bold statement with these. If you want to be more adventurous then try out Panties / Underwear that show more skin…super sexy. Then last but not least – you can go full frontal with Erotic Outfits to make a dominant statement.

Want to learn how to find and purchase these sexy items? Check out our post here.