How to Shop for Sexy Clothes at Aliexpress (With Pictures)

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At SexyWear we find and share with you guys the hottest and most popular clothing for women that are just straight up sexy at surprisingly affordable prices. Why would you pay $49-99 for a women’s bodysuit when you can buy one for $5-15 for the same quality? I know right! That is a big gap…and it makes you feel like you are being ripped off by retailers.

How are we able to find these products at such a low price and share them with you guys at SaxyWear?  Well that’s an easy answer. We have searched through various online retailers but not one of them satisfied our requirements – until we stumbled upon Aliexpress. Who is Aliexpress? Check them out here.




Aliexpress hosts many sellers on its online retail platform all competing against each other, including those internationally, to offer you (the consumer) the best products at the lowest price possible. They sell practically anything to everything – and I literally mean ANYTHING – best of all they offer FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING on almost any product no matter the price. Have you ever purchased something for $0.99 overseas and got free international shipping? Well they will do that for you.

So how do you shop and purchase from Aliexpress? More specifically, how do you shop for sexy clothes on Aliexpress? It is really simple – you shop how you normally shop online at any online retailer. You find what you like, register an account with them or if you prefer not to then go straight to payment and fill out your payment details and delivery address then voila! Just wait for your product to arrive.

For those wanting a step-by-step approach on how to find sexy women’s clothing:

1. Head over to Aliexpress

2. Select the ‘Women’s Clothing’ category


As you can see there are many products under the ‘Women’s Clothing’ category. You can find dresses, jeans, bras, pajamas..absolutely anything.


3. Select a category under ‘Women’s Clothing’ for example ‘Bra & Brief Sets’



4. Select a product


Now that you’ve found a product you want to buy, select your preferences i.e. colour, size, shipping etc. then click ‘Buy Now’.


5. Enter you shipping information and payment details

6. And you are done!


Now all you need to do is wait for your product to arrive. Anxious to know how long it will take the product to arrive? Rest assured, Aliexpress provides you will an estimated delivery time. They also offer ‘Buyer Protection’. If you want to have it delivered quicker then you may choose another delivery option (Note: other delivery options will charge you).

By now you will have realized, after browsing through Aliexpress, the volume of products offered by so many sellers. Worst of all, chances are that you will come by the same product sold by multiple sellers. We understand that you are busy person so why not let us do the hard research while you spend time looking only at the best items at extraordinarily low prices on SaxyWear.

We hand pick only the hottest women’s clothing and accessories – check out our category here. Alternatively check out these Bodysuits/Bodystockings, Bras & things, Erotic outfits and Camisoles. We even have sexy lingerie for plus size women.

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